About Me!

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Hello there! My name is Emilie, a now 28 year old with an insatiable thirst for unconventional adventure. Although it is unclear when or how this obsession started, I know my parents hold a huge amount of blame for it!  At a young age, our vacations centered around exploring in nature. Be it roadtripping across the country or camping in any number of National Parks, my parents instilled a huge love for adventure in my heart. Although it took me until adulthood to fully appreciate and embrace it, I could not  be happier to have been molded into an adventurer at such a young age.

I am fortunate enough to have the most flexible occupation in the world – a physical therapist.  With good hours, not bad pay, and a rewarding outcome, I cannot truly complain about my life’s work.  However, with the emotional and physical strain that comes with a medical field job, burn out is something I have trouble dealing with.  I am fortunate enough to have very supportive family who supported me during my educational training and left school with very little student loan debt.  I attribute this as my number one reason for having the ability to quit and afford to take months off at a time to chase my dreams. I could not be more blessed, truly. And with the demand for PTs in the world, I am also fortunate enough to come home and find a job relatively quickly.

The only unfortunate part of taking such long trips is being away from my beloved… my little girl pup Addie.  She is the love of my life and being away from her for weeks on end is heartbreaking, but I always leave her in good hands. Being reunited with her is always the best feeling.  As much as I miss her though, I know shes always rooting for me back home… wishing she could join me!

During the summer 2016, I decided to quit my job and focus on a dream I had been thinking nonstop about for some time – riding my bike across the country.  As can be seen in the blog posts in the category “TransAm 2016”, I had a very difficult time during that arduous journey. But with the encouragement of my dear friend Sheena, we got through it in one piece!

Though I embarked on few other trips between summer 2016 and 2018, none lived to the phenomenal experience I had during the TransAm.  Just fresh off the traumatization of the trip, Sheena and I are embarking on another unsupported lengthy bike ride along the Pacific Coast.  Only 4 weeks after that will I be attempting (I mean attempting… I am quite nervous for this one…) to thru hike the John Muir Trail.  Check back often for updates!