We’re Back!


Since riding across the United States the first time didn’t traumatize us enough, we’ve decided we’re gonna do it again! Only this time we’re going vertically down the pacific coast.  I had been itching to get back on the bike and do another trip (even contemplated a solo trip – much to the dismay of my parents, I’m sure), so when Sheena texted me about maybe doing the pacific coast highway bike route this summer, I jumped on the opportunity!  Sure I would love to! I’ll just throw responsibility to the wind for one last hurrah!

Sheena and I are in the midst of planning this 2,500 mile bike journey from Vancouver, BC to San Diego CA.  We are following the Adventure Cycling Association maps for this route.  Much shorter and flatter than the TransAm, we are planning the entire trip to take a mere 5 weeks from May through June.  Offering beautiful coastal scenes of the pacific ocean and even riding amongst the giant redwoods in Oregon, I cannot wait to get on ol’ Bessie and explore! Considering I’m also hiking the John Muir Trail in July, this will certainly be a great way to train for that!


Check back soon for getting ready, including logistics and gear list!

(Don’t worry, we’re ending the trip in San Diego, NOT Tijuana.  Although… I could be convinced to keep going…)