Day 14 (June 11th 2016) Council – Breaks Interstate Park; 28 miles


Today was a short and relatively easy day. It started out with a chilly 20 miles of rolling hills that soon turned into 8 miles of mostly uphill. It was tough, but nothing we haven’t encountered before. We got through it and to our destination of Breaks Interstate Park all before 10:30 am. We set up camp and then set out exploring the park, whose nickname is the “Grand Canyon of the South”. A bit of a stretch, I say, but beautiful none the less. We hiked a little bit and experienced hills off the bike. Definitely a different feel! After the hike I got in an excellent nap and plan on getting to bed early. We have a longer ride tomorrow to make up for distance we didn’t make today. Wish us luck!

Miles: 28.22
Time on bike: 2:28
Avg MPH: 11.4
Max MPH: 38.4

Sheena’s corner:
Since I drew a blank yesterday, here’s my corner for both days. Hayter’s gap was not nearly as bad as I was expecting. I feel a lot stronger on climbs and haven’t needed to walk up anything in quite some time. After that, however, it was an anxiety filled day. Everyone on the team seemed to be having an off day with falls or crashes. We made it through though!

Today was a nice and short day. I hit 41mph! I forgot to go into 3rd gear, so I didn’t get the chance to go faster. Tomorrow is another day with more climbs and faster descents.

Oh and Emilie tried to poison the team with food that she shared with mice…

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