Day 32 (June 29th 2016) Pittsburg – Benedict KS; 80 miles

Kansas has proven to definitely be easier terrain than we are used to. Granted, we were spoiled with nice tailwinds this morning. We were able to cruise through 60 miles by 11 am. Because we were making such great time, we took a nice nap under a tree. When we woke up, the winds had shifted and the 16 miles into Benedict were a little more difficult, but we still arrived before 2pm.

Benedict is a small (very small) town with a population of 75 people. Riding through town was definitely a culture shock, as I have never seen anything like it. It was almost like it was plucked out of a Stephen King novel. A local pastor, Joe, was kind enough to let us stay sin his home. Due to Sheena’s animal allergy, we opted to camp outside. Pastor Joe cooked us a nice dinner and will be making us breakfast in the morning as well.

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