Day 35 (July 2nd 2016) Nickerton – Larned KS; 62 miles

This morning I was still riding the high of playing with giraffes. Unfortunately, the dull endless miles of Kansas wore me down thin. We started out later than normal due to bursts of downpours in the morning. We avoided the rain and had favorable winds (two days in a row!).


The ride itself was 62 miles on pretty much one straight road without any towns in between to look forward to. I kept myself entertained by listening to a podcast called Serial. It is pretty interesting and prevented me from losing my sanity.

A few miles out from Larned, we met a guy who pulled over and gave us water. He said he did the TransAm a few years ago and could relate to our road weary sentiment towards KS.

We’re staying the night in the beautiful house of a Methodist pastor, Bethann. We are very lucky to be spending the night indoors, as a bad storm just passed through. There were flood and tornado warnings, so spending the night in a tent would have not been ideal.


Tomorrow is another long (95 miles) and likely boring ride through KS. But soon we will be in the much anticipated Colorado! Oh, and only one more week until I am reunited with Addie (and my parents, of course)!

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