Day 44 (July 11th 2016) Kremmling – Walden, CO; 80 miles

I lost my phone charger yesterday (Murph to the rescue!) so today and yesterday’s posts were uploaded late

Colorado continues to give me chills, not only because of the scenery, but because of the wind and the actual cold. At night and in the mornings it gets pretty chilly, more than I was prepared for. Even during riding, I stayed pretty bundled up. Mainly cause the wind chilled things down a few degrees.

Everyone started out pretty late due to last night’s late entrance. Sheena noticed that her shifter was too loose and about to fall off. She tightened it but it was still not working properly. After about 20 miles, we stopped at a restaurant to refill water. We ran into the owner of a bike shop (the owner of the very one we were going to stop at, but it was closed). What’re the chances?! He looked at her bike and fixed it, but was in a hurry. He left before we realized the problem wasn’t truly fixed. We went the rest of the ride with it broken, but Mary came to the rescue and fixed it when we got in!

For the later part of the ride we were battling 30 MPH wind gusts from all directions. It was over 30 miles and truly demoralizing. It made an 80 mile day feel like a 100 mile one. It was not the most fun, and that’s all I have to say about that. Oh, and we crossed another continental divide. That’s 2 in 2 days, not too shabby.

We were welcomed into a kind man’s home for water. Because towns were very spread out and amenities were few and far between, we resorted to knocking on doors to find water. This gentleman told us that he frequently allows bikers to stay at his house and he wonders why no one blogs about him. Well here’s his big shot! He is the last house on the left (going west) in the town of Rand. He told us about the wildfire that we could see and soon would be riding right towards. He also explained that a lot of the dead trees we have seen are because of pine beetles, an invasive species. They are letting the wildfire burn in a controlled manner to regenerate the forest.

We got in again a little late, but tomorrow is a shorter and hopefully less windy day.


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