Days 54+55 (July 21 and 22nd 2016) Ashton ID – West Yellowstone MT; 60 miles

Yesterday we said a brief farewell to Idaho and made it into Montana. It was a rather uneventful ride, though we did see our fair share of police activity, including an airlift rescue after a bad accident. We also hit some construction, forcing us to get stuck in some traffic. Other than that, it was quiet and relatively easy.


Today was an off day and an opportunity to check out Yellowstone. Because we heard horror stories about riding bicycles in the park, we chose to rent a car to see the nearby attractions. We saw plenty of bison, including one who strolled right next to the car. We visited a couple different geysers and hot springs, most noticeable of which was The Grand Prismatic Spring and Old Faithful. We waited for quite some time for Old Faithful to go off, and it was rather short lived. Dad caught a picture of us on the webcam, see above pictures. We were going to check out the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, but unfortunately due to a fatal accident and potentially waiting hours in jammed traffic, we decided to go back to camp early. It was fun to revisit the park, only wish we could stay longer to check out the rest of the huge venue. But the road is calling, and alas, we must depart tomorrow.

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