Day 57 (July 24th 2016) Ennis – Dillon MT; 73 miles

Today was another relatively uneventful day in Montana. It starting with a long, yet enjoyable, 10 mile climb. I found it relaxing. Funny that I now enjoy climbing, my former Appalachian self would find that impossible to believe.


In the town of Virginia City, we ran into a couple groups of motorcyclists. We talk with them briefly about our trip, they found it crazy but also incredible. It’s funny how the further from Yorktown VA we get, the more exaggerated people’s reactions to our trip become. Further east, people didn’t find it a big deal, probably because we were so close to the start. But now people’s eyes get really wide and mouths have to be picked up from the floor. “You started where?! Oh you guys are crazy!” is usually people’s first reaction, followed by a list of questions about the trip. One motorcyclist told us he was truly proud of us and the progress we made, which in turn made my day.

Ever since CO, the nights and mornings have been freezing. Waking up to 37 degrees (or colder) forces us to bundle up. Which leads to a confusing first few hours on the bike until it gets ungodly hot. Strip down or keep on the layers is always running through my mind. Today was no different. Going uphill I was sweating, but the steep downhill with wind (and sweaty clothes) proved to be a freezing experience. The temperature just can’t make up its mind out here!

Tomorrow is a shorter day, but we were warned of unruly RV drivers who like to run cyclists off the road. Oh boy!

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