Day 67+ 68 (August 3rd and 4th 2016) Richland – Baker City OR; 42 miles

Because yesterday was a short day, Sheena and I decided to treat ourselves to a nice breakfast that did not consist of oatmeal. We went to a nice cafe in Richland with one man who did everything – server, cook, and bus boy. He was super busy but made us a delicious breakfast. We set out around 9 am for the ride.

The first 22 miles were great, nice and easy with beautiful views inside the canyon. The second half was a little rougher, but we accomplished it without too much of a sweat. During the ride we kept seeing souped up race cars drive by us, all different kinds. There must’ve been a hundred of them. Now I don’t know too much about cars or racing them, but some of them did not seem like appropriate race cars. Something tells me that a Subaru Forrester is not meant to have racing decals all over it, but what do I know.

Jake decided to make his triumphant return after days away from the group due to major bike issues. I give it one day before his entire bike just completely combusts.

We got into Baker City early and we were able to explore it and have a fun night. Today was a rest day so we slept in and took naps throughout the day. We even went to the movies! We saw Star Trek, a movie I wasn’t too interested in and could barely follow. It was just nice to do an activity other than biking.

There is definitely a sense of excitement to be done with this trip I compare to the feeling of “senioritis”. I know that personally I am more careless with packing and am constantly looking for misplaced things. I am also less worried about the upcoming day’s ride, cause what a hill or two or even a really tough day when in 5 days I’ll be completely done?? Tomorrow is one of those days, we are transversing over the infamous 3 sisters, but eh. We’ve climbed worse!


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