Day 70 (August 6th 2016) Mt. Vernon – Mitchell OR; 68 miles

Even though it was a much shorter day than yesterday, today felt a lot longer. We had a climb that seemed never ending. It was gradual, but just mentally defeating because of the length.


We rode through Picture Gorge, which was gorgeous. We had steep cliffs on either side of us for a few miles and it felt like we were in Jurassic Park. At one point we even had a crane flying next to us, like a modern day pterodactyl! The rest of the ride wasn’t as scenic unfortunately.

Tonight we are staying in a brand new bike hostel in Mitchell. They opened in May and are looking to branch out to other small towns. It is a wonderful hostel and the people who run it are extremely nice and helpful. We got in early and we were able to take a nap and explore the small yet charming town.


Tonight the people who run the hostel took us all on a field trip to Painted Hills. It was really pretty during the sunset. Afterwards they treated us to ice cream. They are truly gracious hosts.

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