Day 74 (August 10th 2016) Eugene – Florence OR; 80 miles

WE DID IT! It is the day we all have been waiting for. We have officially ridden from coast to coast on bicycles. It was a day some of us had minor doubts about seeing , but we all made it in one piece.

The ride to the coast was a long one, but with it being the last day no one seemed to mind. The mindset was let’s get to the beach! It was a beautiful ride full of greenery and hills. We hit a lot of headwind the last 20 miles from seabreeze, but powered through in an adrenaline fueled rush.

It took some time to actually find the beach, but eventually we did. It was windy and freezing complete with an ominous fog that didn’t let us see too far. But we could see the waves so that’s all that mattered.


We met my parents at the beach, it was great to see them there supporting us on our final ride. They even got us a banner to commemorate the occasion. Unfortunately little Addie couldn’t be there to join in with the festivities but I’ll see her soon enough.


We all celebrated with a delicious dinner (steak and salmon a plenty). It was nice to have a final meal with everyone to reminiscence about the last 2 weeks. We were able to laugh at memories that in the moment were horrible and painful. Alec also gave a beautiful toast to our accomplishment.

Sheena and I originally had grand plans of riding up to Astoria, however, due to a number of issues, we decided to take the shuttle back to Eugene. There we’ll relax until my friends meet us in Portland in a few days.

It is definitely a weird feeling having completed the trip. We made new friends, shared lifetime memories, and experienced some of the most difficult physical and mental challenges we have yet to face. It is a bittersweet feeling because it was such a great experience. Adjusting to normal life will be complicated, but at the same time, being off the bike will feel amazing. We have seen the country in a way many people are not lucky enough to see it, and I think we have all gained a new appreciation for this great nation.

Special thanks to everyone who supported us on every step of the way. The motivational messages helped me get through this trip with a smile on my face 🙂

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