Day 10: May 18th; Astoria rest day, 0 miles!

What an interesting city. And with its close proximity to Portland, it’s no wonder why. Astoria has a lot of parallels with Portland, including culture and interesting ways of life. In fact, Astoria has been attempting to become competitive with Portland with good food and fun festivals, so maybe it’s working!

Because my body is so accustomed to waking up early, I decided to do a light jog around town. I ran along the river walk and found all the sea lions. Not really difficult to do, just had to follow the obnoxiously loud barking. I spent about 15 minutes just watching them. I soon grew weary of their barking and left. There must’ve been a hundred of them there!

While Sheena got her zen on at a yoga class, I set up camp at a coffee shop and tried to plan out the next couple of days. We have a lot of climbs in our future and have been warned about limited shoulders, which makes planning difficult. Hard to predict if we’ll be too mentally wiped out from dealing with traffic to add on additional miles, but we have a rough plan of getting through Oregon.

We had lunch at a place that everyone told us we just have to try, it’s an Astoria staple. We passed by a tiny boat food truck with a huge line. When we asked Steve about it he gushed that it served the world’s best fish and chips. He recommended that it’s a must try. So we just had to try it! We waiting in line for a while, but totally worth it. I’m not a big fish person, but it was worth the hype! They make the fish out of tuna which really takes it the extra mile.

We did some shopping and grabbed some pizza for dinner before coming back to Steve’s for the evening. We came back to find he’s hosting 3 additional cyclists from Canada! They’re riding from Vancouver to Portland. Didn’t get to talk to them too much cause we were tired and went to bed early. Have to wake up early to check out the beautiful Oregon coast!

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