Day 71 (August 7th 2016) Mitchell – Prineville OR; 47 miles

Today was a short day, but not without a long climb! Ochoco pass looked rough, but we were able to ascend without too much trouble. Luckily we got that out of way early so the rest of the ride was smooth sailing.

We met a rider today, Dan, from Norwood PA, which is super close to where Sheena and I went to college. It was nice talking with someone from our neck of the woods.

We arrived into Prineville relatively early and we were able to visit the town’s brewery. I had a delicious pineapple cider.


It seems so surreal that we only have 3 more days left in the trip. I am excited, but nervous to return to the real world. It’s been nice not having to work, but it’ll also be very nice to get off the bike. It’ll definitely be a reality check to get back into civilization where peeing on the side of the road is frowned upon and where eating with utensils is a requirement. But like with anything else, we will learn to adjust.