Day 22 (June 19th 2016) Sebree – Elizabethtown, IL ; 65 miles

Today is what I am happy to call the most leisurely day yet. It was 65 miles of relatively easy terrain with an overcast and cool morning. It was a great way to say goodbye to Kentucky, the most difficult part of the trip yet. In order to get to Illinois, we took a ferry across the Ohio River. We all met up and took it together, it was a fun way to celebrate using a mode of transportation other than our bicycles.

The first few miles of Illinois were rough with short and steep hills that were unexpected. What a way to welcome us in! I have taken to listening to podcasts during the ride to distract me from the sometimes monotony of the trip. It’s a nice distraction.

We are staying on the Ohio River in Elizabethtown, IL. It is beautiful and as I sit here typing this right now, I am under a full moon silhouetted by clouds. It will be wonderful to sleep under it tonight without the tent fly on! One more long day tomorrow then a much needed rest day. It has been a long week!



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