Day 28 (June 25th 2016) Summerville – Hartville, MO; 60 miles

I’m happy to say that today was just an overall good day. It started off great after a refreshing night’s sleep in a real bed. I haven’t slept that well in quite some time. It was really tough rolling out of bed, but a 60 mile day was waiting for us.


The terrain was great, with only a few minor steep climbs. Nothing too crazy. The weather also held out for us. Though the sun was out, it stayed relatively cool. Compared to the last couple days of 100 degree heat, today’s 90 felt like a cool spring day. We stopped in someone’s driveway for a quick snack. While doing so, the house owners came home and spoke with us briefly. They offered their spigot for water and told us to grab blueberries from their blueberry bush. We used the spigot to hose ourselves down and had a handful of blueberries. They were by far the best blueberries I have ever tasted.


The best part of the day was Monty, a good friend from college, coming to visit. He is stationed in Fort Leonard Wood and took the time to drive over an hour to visit. We went out for dinner and caught up. It was great seeing him and a good morale boost. Tomorrow is a longer ride, but it will mark the end of the Ozarks!!


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