Sheena’s Corner for the past week

Sheenas corner.

The last few days have actually been nice with rolling hills and slight overcasts. The heat has been bearable. I’m definitely used to the 530am wake up calls and being outside all day biking. It’s so relieving to finally be in that routine.

We had a much needed layover day in Carbondale, Il. Emilie and I got our bikes tuned up. Hers was “immaculate” and mine not so much. I am just a bit too clumsy. They are now riding wonderfully as we enter into Missouri. However, I write this as we all sit and wait to cross the Mississippi River by police escort… 3 hours later…

Immediately after I wrote this, we encountered high winds holding us back and nice steep climbs. I always speak too soon… However, a couple completely changed the evening around. Tina and Doodle offered the whole team showers and relaxation. They were just complete angels. I am so fortunate to have met them.

First 75% of the ride, great… last 25%, hell. On the bright side, I currently have my tent set up next to a beautiful river watching the lightening far in the distance. It’s so peaceful.

The Ozarks have been pretty tough, but thankfully today it rained and was pretty chilly for the first 40ish miles. Then Emilie and I made the best decision of the trip. We got a motel room and it’s amazing. I so badly needed a nice shower and a bed.

Today was one of my favorite days. Beautiful weather with relaxing rolling hills for the majority of it.

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