Day 37(July 4th 2016) Dighton KS – Sheridan CO; 100 miles

Happy 4th of July! Though I didn’t celebrate one of my favorite holidays in a typical way, it’s definitely one I’ll never forget. Today was a day of milestones, 2000 miles, crossing another time zone, and (most importantly) entering the most anticipated state – Colorado!! And what’s more patriotic than crossing the country by bicycle?! It was also the day Sheena’s bad luck returned, but I’m sure she’ll divulge further in her corner.


The end of Kansas was just as it has been. We started out early (way before sunrise) and entertained ourselves by chasing a red light. We thought the light was stationary, signifying a building, but after nearly half an hour, we realized that not only was the light moving, but it was in fact a cyclist. We figured it was someone we didn’t know because we were the first ones out, so we grew excited to meet a new person. After almost an endless cat and mouse game, we finally caught up to the mysterious cyclist, only to come to the conclusion that it indeed was one of us! Murphy somehow stealthily snuck out before us. She left us quite disappointed, sorry Murph but it’s true!

We had dinner with the amazing community of Sheridan Lake. We saw the town’s parade and they invited us to join them for dinner. It was a pot luck full of tasty dishes. The community was extremely welcoming and friendly. They were having a fireworks display after dinner, but after 100 miles in the heat, we all were too pooped to partake.

Colorado welcomed us with swarms of nasty biting flies and a second flat of the day for poor Sheena. But the 100 miles of riding was worth it to finally make it into Colorado, a huge inspiration for doing this trip!


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