Day 38 (July 5th 2016) Sheridan Lake – Ordway CO; 88 miles

Colorado is more like Kansas than Kansas. Well, it’s more how I imagined Kansas to be. We can see miles and miles ahead, more so than we were able to in KS, and the sun is so much more intense and hot. There also are no trees in sight to provide valuable shade. Trees, in fact, are very sought after and ones close to the road not surrounded by shrubbery are very valuable. We did, however, encounter some rolling hills towards the end of today’s ride. After going up one such hill, we looked out at the horizon, and lo and behold, we had our first glimpse of the Rocky Mountains! Though faint, we were able to see the behemoths from miles away. Can’t wait to get to them soon!


It was another long day, just shy of 90 miles. It was made longer by a continuation of flat tires. Molly was the latest victim and encountered a few issues changing the tire. We stopped to help (I wasn’t of much assistance) and with a few people, we were able to figure it out. In addition to mastering the art of snot rockets, Sheena has also perfected changing tires quickly and efficiently.


New Jersey was poorly represented today after an irate driver with NJ tags cut off Helena and Catherine (nearly hitting them). He jumped out of his car and ranted an incoherent slew of curses and vulgarity at them before driving off. People can be the worst.

5 miles out of our destination we stopped in a cafe in Sugar City for a much needed break from the sun. We got a few treats, including cinnamon buns. They were fresh from the oven and delicious. So delicious, in fact, we got a few to go for breakfast tomorrow.

Today we’re staying in Ordway in a hotel to celebrate the official half way point (wow that flew by!). The owner, Carol, is extremely friendly and welcoming. She made us a delicious and plentiful 3 course dinner. She must’ve known that we were hungry, cause the portions were heaping. And we didn’t let one crumb go to waste.


As a side note, today is a very special day for me because one year ago today I took home Addie! I miss my little honey bear and wish I could celebrate our adoptaversary together, but I’ll have to wait 3 short days for that.


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