Day 39 + 40 (July 6th &7th 2016) Ordley – Pueblo – Pueblo State Park CO; 55 + 10 miles

We finally have another rest day! After long days of crossing Kansas and eastern Colorado, the rest in Pueblo is much needed. Even though the majority of the rides were flat, constantly having to pedal without break is tiresome and really fatiguing. Though it was worth it, because we’re finally back in the mountains! Tuesday we were able to faintly see the outlines of the Rockies, but after yesterday’s short 55 mile ride (one of the more enjoyable rides), the mountains are clear and focused, and absolutely beautiful. Although I know it will be challenging to cross the Rockies, I am really full of excitement to see the sights.

Even though today is an off day, we still have to ride about 10 miles to the State Park where we’re staying tonight. Wish it was a true zero day, but 10 is better than 100!

An interesting tid bit about riding in CO is the number of grasshoppers in the street we encounter while riding. There are so many of them that as we ride along, they jump spastically out of the way. There are hundreds of them, just jumping and flying around in every which direction, hitting our bikes and legs. Some even hitch a ride, only to jump off into our faces when they come to the end of their free loading. It’s like parting the Red Sea as we ride through the hoards of them.

Yesterday was a momentous day for me, as it marked the 15th anniversary of me getting hit by a car. It was definitely a traumatic summer for me and one I will never forget. I never thought I would get back on a bike after that incident, and if you were to tell little 11 year old Emilie that in a few years I’d be halfway across the country on a bike, I’d call you nuts. But here I am, and couldn’t be happier to be doing it! The crosses we so frequently pass on the side of the road denoting someone killed by accident serves as a staunch and sobering reminder of what could’ve been, and also reminds me to never take this blessed life for granted. So here’s to another 15 (hopefully more) years car accident free!


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