Day 46 (July 13th 2016) Saratoga – Rawlins WY; 41 miles

Just because today was a short days does not, by any means, mean today was an easy day. We all enjoyed the hotel stay and slept in late, getting a late start on the road. Which of course meant less miles in before the winds hit. And boy did they hit.

We had to ride on an interstate highway for a little over 10 miles right into the wind. Sheena was a champ and led a group of us through. The cars were pretty respectful, though I’m sure they thought, “wow what a buncha idiots”.


We caught up with Monica, a solo rider who we met in the Appalachians. She was smart and spent a lot of time in Colorado, taking it all in. We also met a couple from close to home, West Chester, PA who were driving across the country and wished us luck with our journey.


I said goodbye to my parents and Addie today, but I’ll see them soon enough. I also booked my flight home seeing as we’ll be done in no time flat.

The winds are still kicking and setting up camp was difficult. Here’s to hoping they bestow mercy upon us tomorrow and lessen up.

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