Day 47 (July 15th 2016) Rawlins – Jeffrey City, WY; 70 miles

We mostly succeeded in getting out early in attempts to beat the winds. We only hit winds for the last 10 miles, which weren’t nearly as bad as the last couple of days. Scenery is more of the same, looks kind of out of this world, like another planet.

And now a little tidbit into the glamorous world of cycling: for some reason, when the winds hit, it causes your nose to run like you wouldn’t believe. Because you’re holding onto the bike so hard in attempt to counteract the wind, you can’t take your hands off the handlebars to wipe it. So you just let the wind splatter it across your face, or let it hit the unlucky soul behind you. It’s a sight to behold, I’m sure.

We got in pretty early today, so we stopped by the local watering hole for wifi. Hoping for another early start tomorrow in preparation for what I’m sure will be another day of headwinds.

Sheena’s corner, resurrected:
I’m alive, just exhausted.

Today Emilie heard a cow moo and proceeded to ask me, “was that you or the cow?” …. “What? The cow, Emilie.” “Oh, I wasn’t sure if you farted.” 😑😂 Yea, it was probably her trying to blame the cow. Poor cow…

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