Day 48 (July 15th 2016) Jeffrey City – Landers WY ; 60 miles

We beat the winds! And got in before 12pm. Granted, the winds never got to be anything too rough, but it was really nice getting into camp so early, particularly because there is so much going on in the city. This weekend is a climber convention so a whole bunch of rock climbers from around the country came to convene. Definitely an interesting group of people, and maybe one day I’ll pick up the habit.


The town itself is pretty cool, and with a population of 7500+ people, it seems like a bustling metropolis compared to the rest of Wyoming. We went to the bike shop and bar to kill some time. It would’ve been really nice to have an off day in the town, but since we got In so early, it was the next best thing.

The ride into town was enjoyable, because most of it was downhill. We rode through beautiful red rock and landscapes. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to make up the elevation the next couple of days.

For the last few days we have been riding with some other transammers, mostly young guys who just up and quit their jobs (sound familiar?). A few of the others are freshly retired men just yearning after wanderlust. One of the guys, Mike, has done this and other tours before and has tidbits of advice to offer. Ironically, a lot of us have been following his journey via Instagram before even starting. I was surprised we caught up, must’ve been that 100 miler day in Colorado (ha). He also writes a blog, Check it out if you have time!

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