Day 62 (July 29th 2016) Missoula MT – Powell ID 60 miles

2 months in and less than 2 weeks until this journey is complete. Today was an easy day, and a beautiful one as well. We had to back track 13 miles from Missoula to get back onto route (Missoula is an optional stop on the TransAm), which at first was frustrating, but it flew by. We had a gradual climb with a steep few last miles that ended in Idaho. We spent another good chunk of time in the visitor center, where we met two older gentlemen from Portland. They gave us recommendations on places to go/things to see in the city as well as how beautiful the rest of our ride will be. They said that the huge trees that surround us now are “toothpicks compared to the trees you’ll see in OR. I can brush my teeth with these trees!”.

The last 13 miles flew by, mainly because they were all downhill. The last bit of the ride was gorgeous, we were following a river and surrounded by brilliantly green trees. The smell was overwhelmingly fresh. We stopped for a little to take a refreshing dunk in the river to cool off. The cold temperatures we experienced in CO and WY are over now that we’re back in lower elevation. So now it’s just the scenery that gives me chills.

The town of Powell is a small one and we’re staying on the lawn of a lodge. We got dinner and drinks there and we were able to relax cell phone free when we got in. The huckleberry sangria was delicious.

We have a long mileage day tomorrow, but from what I’ve been told, it’s “all downhill”. I’ll believe it when I see it! As long as the scenery stays as beautiful as it has been, I know I’ll be distracted even if it’s not all downhill.

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