Day 63 (July 30th 2016) Powell – Kooskia ID; 90 miles

Usually when the elevation map says that a ride is “all downhill”, it hardly ever is. However, today’s ride proved to be an exception. Besides the very rare gradual uphill, it was all down. The scenery was once again beautiful, however, it was also quite redundant. After a while, you start to get bored of constant dense forest without any towns in between. Crazy as it may sound, it’s true. A rider we’ve ran into a number of times said it best when he described it as being “saturated”. We’ve seen beautiful parts of the country, and now we’re on sensory overload. Things we’d consider absolutely stunning in our routine day to day lives is now just “eh”. A good long break from the bike (in only 11 days, but who’s counting) I’m sure will cure us of these feelings.


11 miles into today’s ride we stopped at Jerry Johnson’s warm springs for a dip. It was a mile walk to and from the springs, which was worth it because they were pretty cool. We stayed only a little bit because the thought of having another 80 miles to ride was daunting.

Tomorrow we have a shorter day, however, there are a few climbs that look challenging.


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