Day 18: Elk Prairie State Park – Patrick’s Point State Park, CA; 22 miles

We slept in today! If you call waking up at 6:15 am sleeping in, then technically we did. I mean compared to our normal wake up time, it was late. The rain let up around 11pm and we woke up to glorious sunshine. We took advantage of being in the redwoods by going for a short hike amongst the giants. They really are magical and larger than life. Words can’t really put into words the magnitude of these behemoth trees.

We soon broke down camp and were on our way. Our original plan was to just bike it to Orik. However, after talking with the ranger yesterday, we realized that it was way too short of a ride. She also told us that there was a man wielding around a knife running around the neighborhood earlier that day. So needless to say, we only stopped there for some coffee and breakfast. And thank goodness we did. We checked out the places we would’ve stayed, and let’s just say that a man running around with a knife would’ve been the least of our worries.

The remaining 15 miles of the ride were up and down with minor headwinds. We made it to Patrick’s Point State Park early and got to hike to Wedding Rock. We really enjoyed climbing the rock and getting a great view of the Pacific Ocean. We are camping right next to a huge group of young Boy Scouts. None of the bathroom doors lock and they seem to not have gotten their “knocking” badge just yet. We stuck around wedding rock for a great sunset and met another cyclist. We never got his name, but this is his 20th time riding the coast. He gave us some pointers and told us not to worry about an upcoming hill that looks pretty intimidating. So that was reassuring. We’re heading to bed early to get some good sleep (questionable because of the volume of noise coming from the scouts) before getting back into higher mileage days.

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