Day 19 (June 16th 2016) Berea – Springfield KY;

Today started not so bright, but super early. Knowing it was going to be a hot and humid day, we departed at 6:15 am and rolled into camp a mere 12 hours later (not really, but close). The morning was fine, but once afternoon hit our routine of slow and steady continued. We had 47 miles under our belts before noon, but the last 28 were killers. There was no shade and the wind picked up majorly, making every pedal all the more difficult. After many breaks (but no break downs), we arrived into camp in Springfield KY at 5:30pm.

We originally were supported to camp in a town park, but a few members of the group were approached by a man in a van to stay in the town center, indoors with AC and a shower. As creepy as the proposition may sound, we are all happy they agreed. The mayor even came to greet us and welcome us to her town.


There were more dogs today, no surprise there. One pair of dogs I found so cute I got off my bike and played with them for a little. They were on par with Addie in terms of cuteness. The one dog is pictured above. Mom and dad, as a heads up, she is an Australian cattle dog mix. Note how Stella doesn’t begin to compare with her gorgeous looks (ha!)


Tomorrow is a 103+ miler day. We have a new member of the group who joined us tonight. What a way to welcome her in!
Sheena’s corner: I apologize to my beloved readers for the lack of updates over the last few days. My recent post was about feeling stronger and confident on hills. Since then, I believe I have entered hell and am still waiting to get out. The heat, hills, humidity, more heat, and dogs have been dreadful. I was surrounded by 6 dogs and 1 tried to bite me. Thankfully my Baltimore/Puerto Rican sides came out and I made it through. There have been more rough days than good recently. The silver lining is that I feel proud of myself for making it through everyday. I’m thankful to Emilie as well. I definitely wouldn’t be making it through without her constant support. Lastly, Berea, KY is an awesome city. Everyone is so nice and we got free shirts for biking the transam. 🙂 Oh, and 103 miles tomorrow 😅🔫

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