Day 20 (June 17th 2016) Springfield – Rough River Dam KY;

Well, we all made it! 105 miles later, we’re all exhausted, but we’re all pretty proud too. Surprisingly enough, group consensus is that today was easier than yesterday’s ride. Fancy that. The weather had a big part in making it a more enjoyable ride, despite the distance. It didn’t get above 82 degrees and the sun stayed in the clouds the majority of the time. We ended the ride at Rough River Dam and are staying right off the airport’s solo Tarmac. As I’m typing, a plane just started its engine. Probably going to have a few nightmares about planes careening out of control into my tent.


The ride had nothing too notable to mention. A couple decent hills and a few dogs, but all in all it was an “easy” ride. We saw a lot of cow and horse farms, Sheena caused a few stampedes with her angry “MOO”ing. We crossed into central time zone today as well, that’s pretty exciting!  We had dinner right next to the lake, which obviously we had to jump and swim around in!

Definitely looking forward to a good night’s sleep and a shorter ride tomorrow.

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